Friday, 24 June 2011


2450 odd page views this last month!

I wonder why ?

You wouldn't believe it

Some of the stuff I've received,shakes head in disbelief.
I think I've made a decision, having read the juvenile crap that's come my way over the last couple of days from Roca, and his cohorts all of whom used the Anonymous setting.  Probably can't spell their names!!.

I've decided to ignore the tossers and Eliot, and let them play in their own playground.
Thanks to all those who said  " ignore them now" advice taken.

Fishing Thursday/ Friday

Two crack of dawn sessions. The first on the tidal Trent, for seven  hours.Followed by six hours on my mate Rik's pond today.

Fished the run off, but no barbel to report on my first river trip of the season to the Trent.
A great day to be out and to be serenaded by skylarks almost all morning.
Dodged the rain and sat watching the world go by, spoilt only by dog walkers shouting at their bloody pooches!!

Onto Rik's place this morning, fished his small pond with the aim to crack the big perch and tench supposed to be in residence!
Still no sign of them, but the carp( definitely 20's) were doing the love dance under my feet, so I moved to his match lake for a bit of fun and fish catching practice.
Loads of pristine crucian and commons to about 4lb, great fun on light tackle.No sign of the 3lb roach though!!
3 families of mallard on this fishery all with 7 youngsters of varying ages. A pair of belligerent coot with 3 youngsters,and two juvenile heron which didn't like my crack of dawn entrance.
I'm seriously going to have to take my binoculars next time I'm down, loads of bird sounds which despite my years of interest in British birds, I still haven't learnt to identify the song of some of them.

I have a free ticket for life, as the two of us put in all the made, from scratch, pegs/stands.
It was hard work knocking in those pegs, through sand and shells.But the fishery looks great and the stock fish are now growing too big for what he intended.
The low water table has the pegs high and dry at the moment!!
I'm not certain if I will be going down there again to fish.Well certainly not the match pond. Rik's planning, if he gets the go ahead, to take out the bigger carp and put in barbel.
Wouldn't be right, would it!

Steve Pope

My mate Steve is going to have a regular diary article on Fishing Magic, look out for some great writing.

That's the one Roca's been banned from.

Done enough!

Withdrawn yesterday's blog for the time being.
Because some nameless twat on the ain't site linked the blog, and a short sharp shock is all it needed!!

Down to you Graeme, more if you ask for it!

Ah yes, and Roca you really don't expect me to accept you as an expert on libel,when you can't even spell it!!
There's no mention of libel from me, do you think if I was that concerned, I'd have put his mugshot up?

Just look up Defamation though, you fool!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Whilst I'm looking in

2000 plus page views in the last month

A manky silver fox!

Our garden birds
great tit
coal tit
blue tit
house sparrow
wood pigeon
collar dove
song thrush
barn owl

3 blackbirds nests, all fledged 10 (4,3,3) infants, all nests in the front garden shrubs.
7 great tits from our box . At least 30 fledgling house sparrow eating my broccoli!!
Half a dozen starling young bullying the parent birds off the fat balls...and everything else! A pair of robin young looking after themselves and few supplementary feeds from the redbreast!

Sparrowhawk returned, one blackbird fledgling less, well just the one witnessed!! 

Barn owl quartering over the garden and the adjacent field for the last 2 weeks

Texting for Seniors
The kids have all their little SMS BFF, WTF, LOL etc.
So here are some codes for the seniors:

ATD - At the Doctor's

BFF - Best Friends Funeral

BTW - Bring the Wheelchair

CBB - Covered by BUPA

CUATSC - See You at the Senior Center

DWI - Driving While Incontinent

FWBB - Friend with Beta Blockers

FWIW - Forgot Where I Was

FYI - Found Your Insulin

GGPBL - Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low

GHA - Got Heartburn Again

HGBM - Had Good Bowel Movement

IMHO - Is My Hearing-Aid On?

LMDO - Laughing My Dentures Out

OMMR - On My Massage Recliner

OMSG - Oh My! Sorry, Gas

ROFL...CGU - Rolling on the Floor Laughing...Can't get Up!

TTYL - Talk to You Louder

WAITT - Who Am I Talking To?

WTFA - Wet the Furniture Again

WTP - Where's the Prunes

WWNO - Walker Wheels Need Oil

GGLKI - Gotta Go, Laxative Kickin in!

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Alex Nelson- record holder

Back in March   I reported that my Great Nephew had got himself in the records books down under for catching a wahoo, it has been officially confirmed he has in fact been awarded two class records for the fish and mum & dad are justifiably proud

(Little brother)Grandad's proud too!

Now available to order 


Maurice (Mole ) Pledger (Artist)
I don't think I have seen  better paintings of fish by anybody else!

RIP Clarence Clemons

Friday, 17 June 2011

Larf? I almost wet myself!!

Up his own arse and put in his place
and his last comment 

"But you are going on and on with pointless twaddle and its dull and Im not interested."
Should have thought of that before you twaddled on Roca!!

Better still

Hot out of  the studio

Monday, 13 June 2011



young 'uns through the window.
We've lived up here 8 and a bit years, and for the very first time, although there are many around the area, we have rabbits in the garden.
Also for the first time for many years a hedgehog. Pauline wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch "him"
The removal of the 6 foot fence and replacement with a natural hedge has started to make a difference.
She was quite exited about the newcomers,so much so that I got short shrift from her for not telephoning to advise I had arrived at Barry Norris's house for the evening before the PAAS day.

We have a habit of making sure we let each other know when we've arrived following a long journey, my excuse didn't wear very well.

Prince Albert Angling Society

The Barbel Society had an invitation via Martin James to set up a table at the PAAS show this Sunday by the side of the Ribble at Ribchester..
Once again no real chance of seeing anything, too busy talking BS and signing up a good few new Lancashire/Cheshire members, young and old.
A good turnout alround, would have been more I'm sure, but the heavens opened up at about lunchtime, and it didn't stop raining all afternoon.
Very impressed.
I took up Alan Roe's offer to learn to Wallis cast, almost got the hang of it in the brain, but I do need to polish up a bit more on the moves. Back garden calling, for practice, if I can get through the wildlife!!.


I was going along to a middle Trent Fishery on opening day, but I find there is a swim lottery at 5am in the car park...I think I'll leave it for a bit.

Poacher revisited

Not going to say too much as it doesn't need embroidery.
Just be aware, that if a certain individual( he gets mention on here) takes an interest in your club and it's waters, you could find that he may sneak in and pinch a fishery of yours from under your noses.
It'll probably only be out of spite though, and short lived.

Friday, 10 June 2011



Had a few days down south, primarily to take my Mum along for a checkup with the specialist consultant.
Arrived at the hospital, let them know we were in the waiting room. A short while later a young attractive lady from the Indian sub- continent mumbled something on long the lines of boneykathleen..twice I didn't understand the name ,my mum didn't hear it at all because she's almost deaf, and Pauline said I think she just called mum.
Anyway she disappeared around the back so I walked around to find her. Met her half way and she said sorry wrong name Kathleen Boney. So I went back picked mum up and took her around to the room.
No sign of the consultant, but this young lady turned out to be a Doctor. So behind the curtains she 's speaking to my mum.....silence... mumble mumble...... silence.... Me," my mother is a bit deaf you will have to speak louder and clearly."..mumble mumble.
By this time I'm starting to get a bit wound up, so I go up to the curtain and say, she's deaf
 and I haven't a clue what you are saying either.
Anyway we manage to communicate about the operation wound and she say's, I'll have to bring in the consultant. (An African, I have mentioned before)
Well he turns up goes behind the curtain, usual pleasantry's to my mum, and then "well what wrong with you" to which I retorted from behind the curtain, there's nothing wrong she's come in for a 3 month checkup.
(Starting to get a bit more wound up!)
Anyway to cut a long story short,he looks her over and asks me to go with him to another room, where he tells me the cancer has returned/never gone, and there is nothing further he can do.
But, bring you mother back in 3 months time.
So I say, do you tell her that, to which he replies. I think it's better coming from the family...and I think,me too,because she would need to fully concentrating to understand what you are saying.
Anyway back to the room to get the  appointment booking form from the Doctor. She gives me a bit of paper what she has signed and say's  see you in 3 months time.
So I walk mum out, thrust the bit of paper in Pauline's hand and ask her to book the appointment at the desk.
She come towards me a minute or two later saying booked for November that's the earliest we can get to see the consultant, 3 months it should be 3 months I bark still fuming within!!.
 I take the appointment letter off her and march back around to the doctor, looking at the letter to find it's addressed to somebody else!!
The bloody doctor had given me somebody elses papers!!! Apologies once twice 3 times, she comes with me back to the appointments desk, and get's the appointment sorted...still 6 months.
Got to get out of this place,before they need the  security to come for me !!!
Anyway Mum's taken it all ok after we had a chat over a cup of tea, totally unaware of what was going on at the time.
God help any little old lady who doesn't have somebody to hold her hand ........

A letter is winging it's way to the Consultant, now I've calmed down.......a bit!

Blind Beggar

Blind Beggar
That was wednesday, so thursday is a day trip to east London with the ol'boys I worked with in Mitre Square from the mid-60's.
It's Ivan's birthday so he's chosen the venue The Blind Beggar (The Kray's pub), it turns out he just wanted to show us how the area had changed since our pub crawling days of the 60's/70's.
There was not a white face in sight in the Whitechapel Road, not that worries any of us despite what you may have assumed from my tale above.

We have all worked with people from all nations over the years,and have friends and collegues from Asia, but Christ 40 years has certainly changed this area of London.
Anyway, the Blind Beggar was alright, hardly a customer for the 2 hours we lasted, but at £3.80 a pint for Old Speckled Hen it's no wonder I suppose, well that and the local clientèle probably not drinking alchohol. Must be to fleece the Kray's tourists.We gave up that pub after 4 pints.
We then crossed Cambridge Heath Road 20 yards away in The White Hart, and drank at £2.80 a pint, for a better pint, or was it 3?
We stayed  an hour or so, before deciding we needed food.
What else could we have but a curry. Ivan say's there's place behind London Hospital, no booze but it's a very good curry.

Tayyabs, Whitechapel, London

A Pakistani restaurant on a Whitechapel back street behind the East London Mosque. The hoards of people that stand and wait outside to get a table on a daily basis are testament to the fact that this is one of the best curry houses in London. The prices are cheap, the food excellent, from grilled meats to curries and there's an excellent sweet counter for after-dinner treats.
Robert English
· Tayyabs, 83-89, Fieldgate St, London E1; 

Well it was very good,highly recommended by me and the bloke above, and full of our Pakistani friends enjoying the food at a very good price £15 a head two courses including lassi's, no booze, I'm glad to say.

We had a wander around seeing the sites, how it changes within a couple of hundred yards, said our goodbyes and go our separate ways.

I woke up at Romford station..just in time!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Choked on my boiled eggs!!

 Who needs publicity with stuff like this, me a barbel ace ? I can catch barbel in the Hazelford aquarium but ace is stretching it a bit!!!
So before the snidey comments.
All round ace good bloke maybe, but  I shall be there selling the Barbel Society,and learning to Wallis cast with Alan Roe, and that's about it!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Maidenhead man

Heard even more stories about the man at The Show, some tales to tell in the future as he still has his sly digs.

What a weaver of lies the man is!

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Great tits

29th April 5 or 6 eggs quickly counted.

I knew they were close, so got up early this morning to watch our box.
7 fledged all within less than 5 minutes of each other, all done by 6:43!

Parents and young all safe in our hawthorn hedge.

1of 7!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


My last blog entry

Those of you who are that interested, and there was at least one, will see that I am a Known As.
This was due to that fact at 11 years old I got fed up with kids saying things like, "you don't look very boney to me"and on and on and on.
So I added an extra n, rather than giving them a thump, not ever being a violent type.

Tony Rocca
Anyway, guess who has joined those 11 year olds, as expected I might say, yes none other than the little fuhrer himself.
He's also shown once again what a liar he is when it suits his purpose, surely not the actions of an official of  a so called "democratic" association!