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I see nobody bothers with you. You end up putting on your own posts and replying to yourself.

Thats because you are a bearded childless fat man.

Left the BS the day before the Meting. Found out about the freebies. Disgraceful. Everybody knows the truth. Its on 3 different blogs.

After a post on Fishing Magic by Graham Elliott about this subject, which I had removed, the Chairman of the BS stated publicly on FM that the wording was libellous, so I have the Society's backing.

I challenge the spineless( he was on Fishing Magic about the same time)one to name the blogs, they will be part of the evidence I have gathered over a few years to put something into action,especially as there is some clarification in this mornings news about entries on the internet.
Put up or shut up I say, and nothing less than a public apology will stop my actions especially as you have form already!

Update(09.54)  in less than an hour 35 views of this page, so you will be seen for what you are have no doubt.