Thursday, 16 October 2014

Catch up

Where to start!

Home: Next door

Result...  a much better view! I know they are from Cambridgeshire but the travellers camp has moved on!


We've still not picked the fruit and it's holding on getting sweeter, must get some trays to keep the Conference and the Howgate Wonder in storage..
We've (I've) decided the grapes will be left to the blackbirds.

The pond though, does need a good clear, I can hardly see the fish!

We've got the back hedge trimmed by the local farmer.At this time of year he deals with all the roadside hedges around his land.
I just happened to catch him in time as he was trimming the next door field. £50 in his pocket sorted a job which cost me over a ton last year.
The gardener who did it has gone lorry driving.
So a tractor with a cruncher(technical term) on the front, made quick work of it.
I just had to go around to the road with a broom, to make sure the hawthorns that bounced off the cruncher didn't affect some of the "locals" who seem to think a bit of hay in the gutter is out of order.
The immediate affect of the hedge trim is that the sparras have less protection from the local sparrow hawk. A a pile of feathers shows me only too well, he has had some success. It is, at the moment a male, I've disturbed his after dinner nap a couple of times.


What a difference a couple of weeks makes, the oil price has fallen and the doom and gloom merchants are plentful.
My Oily's 780% growth is now down to 440% and reducing quickly, I think the Russian's have more to worry about than I have though.Having said that the Footsie has taken a real bashing too.
More doom and gloom for pension funds!

I can't wait to see what comes out of the new well being drilled at Gatwick, hopefully close to finding large quantities of home grown oil and gas  very soon.


Our long weekend in east Sussex worked out very well, mixed weather, but the pub we stayed in looked after us very well for our 3 night stay.
The Bell at Iden, just outside Rye, had Harvey's best bitter,an Old Dairy Red Top and Doom Bar(which I won't give house room)
The Harvey's was very well kept, the Old Dairy must have something in it, because the session I had on that gave me extended sneezes. So my main drink, and The Bell was open all day everyday, was the Harvey's.
The menu was relatively short, always a good sign, and the food excellent.
If you are in that part of the world at anytime, highly recommended by us.

Next trip, Boston Mass. for Thanksgiving.

Our trip to the Santander Brewery in Bradford worked out very well for the 16 of us.
A drink as much as you can, combined with the wander around the brewery, pint in hand.
Pork pie and a fine chili with three separate brews was enjoyed  by all in an all too brief 3 hours!
Next trip being hunted out.

The International Drinking Society outing took us to the Marquis of Cornwallis in Bloomsbury, and we were knocking at the door at Noon to start.
A good few hours celebrating Dave's 74th birthday, drinking good real ale and plenty of chat.
The food wasn't bad either, and was a step up from pub grub.
In fact, we've decided our Christmas get together will be in the same location.

A result of these London visits is that I tell Mick our landlord what beers I've tasted, and my opinion of them, but, I daren't tell him the price of a pint, I just to say it costs more than his £2.70!


For sometime I've been discussing a barbel trip with fellow blogger Flyfisherman Richard,we eventually got around to it yesterday afternoon at 2pm and met on a stretch of the middle Trent that both of us hadn't fished.
I passed on an idea or two to Richard who is a "learner", not that I thought I could help a great deal.
But, he did follow some of my advice and ended up with four barbel to up around the 8lb mark.
Me ? Not a touch, until time to get off the water at dusk.
Richard had packed up at around 6:30 just as I started to get some interest in my quarter tin of garlic spam left to fish itself down the inside,on top of a pile of hemp/caster/maggots and corn from the freezer.
My mind was thinking a barbel, but it was fiddling about quite a bit, with the occasional couple of quick snatches, taking a little bit of line off my Purist ll, enough to make the ratchet tick.
We said our goodbyes and I started my clear up, keeping a watchful eye on the rod tip(MKlV fibreglass).
By now it was getting too dark to spot anything other than a good 3 foot twitch, and it had started to rain quite hard.
I gently lifted to rod so as not to disturb the line and felt for  movement and was soon rewarded, after a couple of twitches with the sensation of line running through my fingers towards the center of the river.
I placed my thumb on the reel and struck, put the ratchet on and was met with some good resistance at first, but the fish was soon overcome by the tackle and netted.
Not a barbel, but a nice chub, I quickly photographed to send to Richard, to show more than anything that I hadn't blanked.
I then hastily chucked everything in the boot and headed home, fairly happy with my first river trip of the season, but very happy for Richard.

Well, I hope it was everything I haven't checked yet!

Sunday, 12 October 2014


For sale

I'm helping out a downsizing friend to dispose of all of his fishing related books.
So here they are, about 150.
If you are interested please comment below with your email address, and I will get back to you asap with details of each specific book.

Coarse Fishing and Miscellaneous
Barbel Catchers (SOLD) Barbel rivers and captures
Baverstock Leslie (SOLD) TheAngling Times Book of the Wye
Beedell Suzanne The Complete Angler's wife
Braddock Archie Fantastic feeder fishing
Brennan Des (SOLD The Osprey Anglers: Bass
Cadman A The Shooting Times Library: Goose shooting
Church Bob (Editor) (SOLD) Big Tench
Claypoole HGC (SOLD) How to catch them: Grayling
Collins Peter Fishing the Norfolk Broads
Gammon Clive Fishing: A pictorial guide
Gammon Clive The Osprey Anglers: Sea Trout
Gibbinson Jim The Osprey Anglers: Carp
Gibbinson Jim (SOLD) The Osprey Anglers: Chub
Gibbinson Jim (SOLD) The Osprey Anglers: Pike
Hall Winston(SOLD) How to catch them: Cod
Harper Stephen Angling afloat: A complete guide for coarse fisherman
Harris Brian The Osprey Anglers: Stillwater Trout
Hartley JR Fly Fishing
Holiday FW (SOLD) How to catch them: Sea Trout
Howcroft Ian (SOLD) The Osprey Anglers: Barbel
Howes WJ (SOLD) How to catch them: Fly-Fishing For Coarse Fish:Theory & Technique
Lane Billy and Colin Graham Freshwater fish-and how to catch them
Methuen Eyre Thelwell's Compleat Tangler
Miles Tony (SOLD) Search for big chub (Signed)
Parsons John A Fisherman's Year
Plumber David Brian The Jack Russell Terrier
Plummer DB Modern ferreting
Pownall David & Gareth (Editors) The Fisherman's bedside book
Ransome Arthur Rod and Line
Richards Coombe (SOLD) How to catch them : Salmon
Sargeaunt WT (SOLD) How to catch them: Reservoir and Gravel Pit Trout
Seangler (SOLD) How to catch them: Flat fish
Shepley Michael The Osprey Anglers: Salmon
Sidley John (SOLD) Eels
Smith Ken (SOLD) How to catch them: Match Fishing Theory & Practice
Stanford JK The Shooting Times Library: Grouse shooting
Stone Peter (SOLD) The Osprey Anglers: Bream
Taylor Des Fish the Midlands
Tombleson Peter How to catch them:Bream
Turnbull Chris (SOLD) A Time for tench
Vines Sidney Frank Sawyer :Man of the river
Wade Charles (Editor) Fishing with experts
Walker Richard Walker's Pitch
Ward AL (SOLD) How to catch them: Pike
West Trefor Barbel a lifetime's addiction (Signed)
Wilson John Where to fish in Norfolk & Suffolk
Boote Paul & Jeremy Wade (SOLD) Somewhere down the crazy river: Journey in search of giant fish
Sea fishing

Arnold Stu Wreck fishing

Currie William B The Guinness guide to game fishing
Darling John Bass Fishing on shore and sa
Gillespie Ian Sea fishing: The Wash to Thames Estuary
Gledhill Bob Cod Fishing
Gledhill Bob Match shore fishing
Harris Brian The Guinness guide to saltwater Angling
Housby Trevor The rubby-dubby trail:Shark Fishing in British waters
Housby Trevor Big game fishing
Housby Trevor The Complete book of sea fishing
Lewis Dave Cod fishing the complete guide
Lewis Dave Dinghy fishing
Matson Bradford Deep sea fishing: the lure of big game fish
Merritt Ernest Sea fishing; The Humber to the Tweed
Millman Mike Richard Stapley& John Holden Boat fishing
Pullen Graeme Go fishing for cod
Pullen Graeme Big- game fishing
Pullen Graeme Guide to Sea Fishing baits
Rawle John Cod Fishing
Russ Mel Sea angling Kent to Cornwall
Stoker Hugh The modern sea angler
The Sea Angler's Step by step guide to bait and rigs
Thrussell Mike First run Shark. The complete guide to porbeagle fishing
Wheat Peter (Editor) Popular Sea Fishing
Woolner Frank Modern saltwater sport fishing
Yates Alan and Ted Entwistle The complete book of sea fishing tackle&techniques
Carp Fishing
Batten David An introduction to carp fishing
FOX Guide to modern carp fishing
Jackson Lee Carp clinic: The ultimate guide to catching carp
Little Andy Guide to big carp fishing
Maddocks Kevin Carp fever 
Mohan Peter Basic carp fishing 
Paisley Tim Carp Fishing
Paisley Tim and friends Big carp
Wayte Neil River carping
Pike & lure fishing
Barder RCR Spinning for pike
Batten David An introduction to pike fishing
Bettell Charlie The art of lure fishing
Bucknall Geoffrey Big pike
Buller Fred Pike
Butcher Joe & Otis "Toad" Smith Hunting Trophy Muskies& Northerns: North American Fishing Club
Camman Peter F UltraLight spin-fishing:A practical guide to freshwater& saltwater anglers
Fickling Neville Pike fishing
Gay Martin & Barrie Rickards Pike
Hansen Jens Ploug & Goran Cederberg The complete book of spinning & baitcasting
Harris Chris & Sue Encyclopaedia of lures
Ladle Mike & Harry Casey Lure fishing: A new approach to spinning
Lumb David Pike fishing with lures a modern approach
Phillips Dave Pike
Rickards Barrie Success with pike
Rickards Barrie & Ray Webb Fishing for big pike
Rickards Barrie &Ken Whitehead Plugs and plug fishing
Rickards Barrie& Malcolm Bannister The ten greatest pike anglers
Ripley Bob (Compiler) Pike an In-Fisherman handbook of strategies
Sternberg Dick (Editor) The freshwater angler fishing with artificial lures: The Hunting&Fishing library
Sternberg Dick (Editor) Northern pike and muskie: The Hunting& Fishing library
Whitehead Ken Pike fishing
Salmon,trout,game, fly fishing
Ashley-Cooper John A salmon fishers odyssey
Ashley-Cooper John The great salmon rivers of Scotland
Barr David (Editor) The Haig guide to salmon fishing in Scotland
Barr David (Editor) The Haig guide to trout fishing in Britain
Bateman HM The evening rise
Bucknall Geoffrey Fly-fishing tactics on rivers
Calcott Ian The art of salmon fishing
Church Bob Reservoir trout fishing
Church Bob & Charles Jardine Stillwater trout tactics
Clarke Brian The pursuit of stillwater trout
Clarke Brian & John goddard The trout and the fly. A new approach
Currie William b A gamefisher's year
Currie William B The art of trout fishing
Falkus Hugh Salmon fishing: A prectical guide
Fogg Roger Stillwater dry fly fishing
Geoffrey Bucknall Book of fly-fishing
Gilmour James A Fly fishing
Goddard John Stillwater flies how and when to fish them
Greer Ron Ferox trout and artic char: A predator its pursuit its prey
Hill Norman The gamefishers days and ways
Hills JW A summer on the Test
Humphrey William The spawning run
Joyce HS A trout anglers notebook
Lapsley Peter Trout from stillwaters
Mackenzie Gregor Memoirs of a ghillie
Mansfield Kenneth (Editor) Trout and how to catch them
Orman Tony Trout with nymph
Overfield T Donald G.E.M Skues:The way of a man with a trout
Pearson Alan Catching big trout
Righyni RV Advanced salmon fishing
Ritz Charles A fly fishers life: The art and mechanics of fly fishing
Roberts John The grayling angler
Saville Tom Reservoir trout fishing
Scrope William Salmon fishing in the Tweed
Sutherland Douglas The salmon book
Taverner Eric & Jock Scott Salmon Fishing
Walker CF (Editor) The complete fly-fisher
Whieldon Tony Stillwater trout fishing
Williamson Henry Salar the salmon
Wilson Dermot Fishing the dry fly