Wednesday, 10 June 2015

One of those days in England

One of those days in England with a sword in every pond
And birds in every garden in the land
One of those days in England when the passion never ends
A slowly moving season by the fire of my friends.

And though the time fast slips away, it's long enough to laugh and play
Around the fireside making hay, dreaming of tomorrow, you know there's no today.

I'm sure you've all suffered the session where things from the off, keep going wrong?
Well, my trip down last night into the valley was just one of those.
I decided to fish on the third lake into the wind ,which last night was quite brisk and coming from the North.
Loosing count of the times I had to re-tackle due to tangles around the rod,either on the strike or pre-cast, it became somewhat obvious to me that this session was not going to be my night.
Looking North
I struggled on with a few carp, some tiny rudd and perch. I then, on attempting to unhook a rather frisky carp of around 3lb in the landing net, the hook slipped from the carp and embedded in my thumb between the nail and the cuticle.
By the time I had quietened down the carp, the size 14 had penetrated the skin just under the cuticle. Good job it was barbless, but it was quite painful with the tugging against the hook.
Not much blood!!
After a couple of more tangles, and getting pretty cold despite a hoody and fleece, I said sod it, I'm off, and so I did.
Stopping once or twice to take photographs of the Wolds scenery, and cloud formations with my new camera.

Trout lake2

It's down there
I'm sitting here typing this wondering if I chance another trip down in the valley in an hour or so.
At least the wind is turning to the East!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Flaming June

June, gentle June, of whom the crooners croon,
Sweet month of silk, of salmon, and the swoon;
June, what a chance you had—to be your best,...........

More fishing

What a mixed week to start June, weather wise that is, wind and at times torrential rain.
So I picked Tuesday evening for my first session in the valley, and decided that with the amount of water around that lake two and  three's access could be a bit too boggy.
So back to lake one.
An evening session as usual, with the wind whipping around the tops of the surrounding trees and fallen leaf debris blowing up and down the pond until later in the session.
My testing bait of worm only over a bed of hempseed was my continuing plan.
I stuck to the plan and the lake crucian came to life, the roach and rudd were few and far between. The occasional carp intruded upon what turned out to be a crucian session.
Lake 1 a different view

A few of the net
 Thursday evening, with improved weather conditions, saw me return and I decided to test the track down to lake 3.
Access was much better than anticipated and so I settled in with similar tactics to last night.
I was very soon into the carp and landed four all around the 8lb mark,all in tip top condition, but not my quarry.
I became aware that there was a large population of rudd many of which were a better stamp of fish to the other two lakes. Still nothing really of any size, but who knows?

I'll try down there again as there are perch, that show promise, but on the evening, not a sign of roach.
lake 3  as the light fades.

A new camera

I've acquired for myself a new, well second hand Nikon 3200, all but the first photo above were taken with the two lenses an 18-55 and a 55-200.
As can be seen I'm still testing, but already I think I need another lense, and to decide whether to keep my old Finepix for the mud of fishing or help finance the new lense!