Thursday, 31 December 2015



Fishing wise my heart wasn't really in it this year, mojo gone, or just plain idle?
I don't know.
So apart from a good few trips down into the valley for the easy fishing within 10 minutes drive, I didn't venture onto the rivers, or anywhere else come to that, apart from two trips across country to the Wye and Dane, in late October and early November as reported.

The travel bug got the better of me again I'm afraid, starting off with the month of March in Cyprus, and ending in September in Canada. With a good few more trips around England, without the rods, in between and since.

Other than that, mostly uneventful, and that includes the sale of our home, the move closer to civilisation still awaited, especially as the pub is on the market, and I can't see it staying a pub.
My investments in AiM are also proving uneventful, with what started as quite a major boost to the pension/holiday fund, it has somewhat diminished with the price of oil.
(Having said that my heating bills were £400 lower this year.)
So, bottom of the drawer for them until the market improves, although I have faith that the cancer research company Scancell is on the verge of greatness with a cure, or at least moving it into the realms of just another illness treated with drugs.
I say uneventful, but that obviously isn't quite true, having celebrated 42 years of marriage in October.(Just in case Pauline reads this!)

So, no complaints about 2015, it was just another year and thankfully no family serious illness.


What a start we have lined up, a 42 night cruise across the Atlantic to the Amazon via Lisbon, Cape Verde, onto the Windward Islands and finally the Azores, all starting next Tuesday.
If my reader is interested I'm going to attempt a daily blog of our trip, and it can be seen here.
The ports of call are listed.

Travel Experiences

On our return I'll see how the mind takes me, but I think I would like to get on the rivers for the chub in the last few weeks that will be left of the season.
Who knows my lined up experience of piranha fishing on the Amazon, may spur me on.

My birthday in late March will find us on our travels again up to Scotland, for a stay in Plocton.

In the meantime I wish my reader a happy and healthy 2016 and may your financial wishes come into fruition.

Cheers, see you next year.

Oh by the way, this was my 451st blog!