Sunday, 17 July 2016

It's peeing down!


A blank day on the Trent last week. 
I have to say a river with a bit on and some colour appeals to me far more than what I encountered.
So to start off a session somewhat unhappy with conditions doesn't put me in the right frame of mind to fish, but I did for around 5 hours.
I put in a good pile of hemp and maggots via the big bait dropper, and had some good takes earlier on, of which one I had a connect, but was very quickly into a bottom snag, and left me without my end tackle probably a rock. 
After that it all went quiet, and once again I left the fishery without going into the dusk time.If the mood is not right, no point lingering in hope
I need to go down later in the day, I think.

The Lake District
And, so Saturday and we're off to Braithwaite our base in The Lake's for a week of touring around the sites and waterways.
We booked a small cottage in the village, close to the pub.
Our welcome was cold wet and windy and for the whole week, save for Thursday, it stayed that way.
Never the less we did two long boat trips, one on Windermere the other on Ullswater,  and basically we enjoyed the cruises and the scenery. 
Of the two, I think we preferred the views from Ullswater, in fact my camera didn't really get much action on Windermere, the worse weather of the two trips.
The rest of the week we took in Morecombe was closed, Whitehaven, much the same, and generally a good tour around the back lanes of the lakes via Keswick, Kendal and Cockermouth etc.
No Jenning's brewery tour as we were too early in the year, they wait for the kids to have the school break!
Whilst I took a liking to some of the beers available, the local was a Jennings pub and I'm not too impressed with the four they had on offer,so stuck to the guest beer a Ringwood brew Old Thumper. 
Thwaites and Robinsons were not too bad, but as I was driving, only one or two passed my lips.
I have to say apart from the weather we enjoyed our stay, the cottage was just the right size, although the staircase ceiling up to the bedroom probably had a coating of scalp by the time the week was out. Going up was ok, but coming down my lean to the left was often just not enough on many occasions!
Cosy Cottage
The countryside was beautiful despite the rain, or perhaps because of the rain. 
All in all a fine trip also some good local food in the local restaurants.

The White Hart LUDFORD
Although the local grape vine had passed the news around about a fortnight ago, my membership email has just confirmed that my local has just been awarded Lincolnshire pub of the year by CAMRA. Mick and Jenny are justifiably proud of the achievement.